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Selections of artisanal natural wines made without added sulphites

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Vinatur Introductory Mixed Case

The Vinatur Starter Pack

New to natural wines? Don’t know what to choose? Let us introduce you to our natural wines with on introductory mixed case! Each month our sommeliers choose their favourite wines for our Starter Pack. You will receive a range of wines from “vin de soif” to our best territorial wines.

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We are ambassadors for natural wine made with no additives or sulphites, crafted at the hands of honest artisans to the highest possible standards of quality and purity. As unique expressions of their terroir and varietal, these territorial wines offer a new world of sensory exploration.

We partner with dedicated winemakers who make no compromises for quality in their quest for the ultimate territorial wine. As their ambassadors in Switzerland we represent their wines with passion and integrity.

The natural wine we sell are all grown organically, bio-dynamically or – better yet – entirely without treatment, are harvested by hand and contain no additives, not even sulphites. Take some time to learn about natural wine, meet our producers and try your first bottle!

To bring you great wines that meet our strict standards requires relentless research and strong relationships. This couldn’t be more true in the burgeoning world of natural wine, where imitators and subpar producers see a marketing opportunity. Fortunately, nature is not easily manipulated, and our team is well suited to the task.

Your Vinatur! Team

We are privileged to be able to share these beautiful wines with you. We are grateful for the cooperation of our partner vignerons who dedicate their lives to making wine naturally. We are proud of the high standards to which our producers hold themselves and admire them for the lifetime of hard work to which they have committed themselves in the name of nature and wine.

Long live the peasant!

Let Our Wines Reconnect You with Nature

Long live the peasant!

Skim or whole, perhaps organic, imported or local, filtered, pasteurised, sterilised, homogenised, often nutritionally fortified: this is the milk we are taught to love. Why question something so commonplace? But drink the fresh milk of  a grass fed cow, and you will know the true taste of milk!

The peasant, whose life depends on this cow, knows its taste changes with the seasons, the age of the cow and its diet. And so it is with natural wine: the peasant, shunning pesticides, chemicals, additives, yeasts and sulfur, knows the true beauty of her wine.

Our “peasants”, the growers of natural wines, exercise great discipline, skill and patience at the mercy of nature.

Industrialisation for mass consumption has transformed wine production. The majority of wine consumed today is cultivated by grape manufacturers and produced by beverage factories. Ingredient labels are non-existent: for consumers, ignorance is bliss. But the truth is in the glass!

This industrialisation produces cheap wine with standardised tastes, tailored to consumer panels, regardless of the year or harvest quality. A broad market is satisfied, and many winemakers grow wealthy.

But isn’t my wine “Bio”? This misleading labelling applies loosely to farming, not vinification. UHT milk fortified with vitamins is far removed from what the “Bio” cow originally produced.

The greatest challenge is to do nothing: add nothing, remove nothing, and alter nothing. Nature is not perfect, but we know that when left to its own devices its product is better than any attempt by man.

Demand purity. Expect the extraordinary.

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